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..... stone chip damaged windscreen ... do not replace it !

Repair it !!!

The exchange of a windshield is an expensive task, since the windshield is glued to the body.

The roger´s-Windshield Repair System allows for rapid and cost-effective repair of stone chips, without replacing the windshield.

The company roger's, founded in 1989 in Vienna, Austria, sitting Today in Slovakia, sells its products today in over 60 countries around the world.

As a result of the permanent research and development expenses roger´s produces adhesive materials and tools of extremely high quality, ensuring absolutely transparent and durable repairs.

Worldwide meanwhile millions and alone in Austria hundreds of thousands of stone chip repairs with roger's materials will have been don, which certifies the high quality of roger's tools and materials.

The roger's filling resin has outstanding and lang lasting adhesive properties and is easy to process. It has the same refractive index as laminated glass. It never turns grey or yellow, even after years.

The impact areas will be permanently sealed with the roger´s-finishing resin. The windshield surface get homogeneous again, and the wipers slide smooth without to damage over the surface. And the finishing resin is resistant against antifreeze and glass cleaner in the washer fluid.

Three tool sets offered by roger´s.

The "Profiset" is intended for customers who carry out an exceptionally high number of repairs, or who do windshield repairs for a living.

The "Workshop Set" is for motor vehicle repair workshops and those involved in doing up bodywork but not involved in complicated repairs.

The "Economy Set" for those who undertake stone chip repairs relatively infrequently, typically for use at company's vehicle fleet parks or by used vehicle dealers.

All the necessary equipment comes in a handy carrying case, equipped with a side 30 written instructions and a 30 min video on CD.

The highest satisfaction of roger´s customers is the great success of the company.


What roger's plans for the future?

Stone damaged repair of laminated windshields has had long time a not so positive image.

In the meantime, it has been recognized as an established alternative worldwide. Worldwide millions of repairs are made each year, saving the customer a lot of money - in relation to the exchange of windshields.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of bad repairs made, with which the customers are clearly not satisfied. Which leads again to bad mouth propaganda.

What is to blame? Repairing of stone chips is permitted worldwide will be allowed to repair, at least what has to be the minimum material requirements, what such repairs has to meet for minimum requirements, and above all how long they must be durable.

After all, design-approved vehicle parts which have to fulfill certain conditions (eg the ECE R 43 in Europe) are repaired.

In the course of its intensive research and development, roger's has therefore developed five criteria which would at least have to meet such a repair. And roger's is working on the fact that these 5 criteria become a norm. At most as a component of ECE R 43.

The next step will be to see that these criteria are given legal status worldwide, so that only stone chip repair kits which are in accord with these norms can be certified as acceptable.

A good number of stone chip repair materials producers no doubt see the roger's campaign as a betrayal of solidarity with colleagues working in the same field. No wonder they do - there can hardly be another field in which there is such a lack of control over producers!

Many of this number, of course, will either not be able to afford the cost of a certification process, or if they can afford it, would not have products to merit the certificate.

What must never be forgotten is that the most important figure in the picture is the customer. The customer has been exposed to abuse for far too long now, and has a right to expect that a repair to his windshield fulfills certain minimum standards and will last at least a couple of years without having to be seen to.

It is, therefore, to be hoped that, in the end, only those systems which meet these criteria will be available.

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